This year has made me seriously consider what I want to be doing for the next few years of my life and I’m getting a better idea that the answer is a lot broader than people traditionally expect. This is the man that brought the house down on 2016 – Midland and today his Blush EP arrived through the post so I couldn’t think of a better track to dance to.

This track has me captivated, the sign of a mesmerising techno track is when I forget what I’m doing and find myself caught up in the beat – this post has taken me way longer than it should because I’ve got Holdup playing in the background.

The sun came out today, summer’s coming and that means people want to party again. Holdup is not a summer party track but it’s 3am and you’re lost in the night, hold up your hands, feel the sweat sticking to your t shirt and be you!

Let’s Dance!