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December 2015

Eating Vegetarian in Bangkok Thailand

I have some bad news for travellers on a budget, cheap vegetarian options in Bangkok are pretty limited. The upside is that the phrase for vegetarian is pretty easily understood but it usually led to a sympathetic ‘No’ from street vendors.

You’ll find a lot more choices in restaurants with vegetarian options even clearly listed in some places.

I found it pretty easy to let people know you don’t eat animals, the main phrase you need is ‘Jay’, said like ‘yeah’.

If you’re feeling confident then the full phrase that worked best was –

Gin Jay My

Gin isn’t pronounced like the drink, you have to stress the G, not like Jin and extend the my to sound like myyy which basically means i eat vegetarian.

If you’re on a budget, it’s worth noting there’s plenty of delicious fresh fruit available on stalls all around Bangkok, so you shouldn’t ever be left too hungry.



Nut Allergy in Myanmar (Burma)

I can’t talk about Myanmar without saying how beautiful the country is, if you’re heading to Mandalay have a read here, if it’s just nuts you’re interested in (and who isn’t?), then I’ll try to help.

I was travelling Myanmar with a friend who’s allergic to nuts and it was a lot easier than we thought to make sure the food was nut free.

We didn’t manage to get a phrase that made the allergy clear, well at least anything me or my friend could hope to pronounce. Luckily, most places we ate brought out nuts as soon as we sat down so we just pointed to the nuts and said ‘no peanut’ – they’d either let us know if there were nuts in the food or give us the all clear. He’s still alive so it worked well enough.

We found the phrase ‘peanut’ was better understood than just saying ‘nut’, it did seem surprisingly easy to keep peanuts out of the food. If you’re not too keen to just take my word for it, you can always ask at your guesthouse – I’m sure they’ll give you a phrase to quote when you arrive. Hopefully you’ll have more luck pronouncing it than we did!


Eating Vegetarian in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a beautiful country, I spent my time there in awe of the scenery and touched by the kindness of the people I encountered. Before I arrived, I knew the country had relatively recently opened up to tourism, I was worried that western diets might not be fully understood, luckily I was proven very wrong.

Eating vegetarian in Myanmar is easy!

The phrase for vegetarian is ‘thet thet luh’, it wasn’t very successful, most likely because of my pronunciation, saying vegetarian worked just fine. The english in Myanmar is very good so I didn’t have any problems. If you can’t find any options, shay restaurants offer great vegetarian food.

One of the perks of a lack of tourist infrastructure is that we were looked after pretty well in the guest houses. The breakfast was bountiful and it wasn’t unusual to find this much to eat in the morning and all meat free.



I’ve included a few pictures of the food I ate, on the whole it was cheap (less than $2 a meal), delicious and so varied. I can’t recommend tomato salads enough, they’re a vivid peanut covered fresh tomato masterpiece! I became a little obsessed with them.


I can’t recommend visiting Myanmar highly enough and it’s a paradise for vegetarians, so what are you waiting for? Get going!


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