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An Absence of Light

I recently got a very cheap car, so cheap that there’s only a CD player and there’s a limited amount of music I can listen to with my CD collection being as small as it is. I’ve been listening to the Modest Mouse album This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing To Think About. A line from the track ‘Ionizes & Atomizes’ inspired this.

I wake up damp, rays from the midday sun making me sweat.

it doesn’t seem right to call it sun.

A star with no name.

That’s better.

A long night, long forgotten, we still take off our shirts and show off our scars.

Remember when we wondered how flesh heals.

Hours spent staring at our hands. Spaced out. High.

I wake up into a dark night.

The moon is a right fancy mirror,

a bit too posh for us lot I think.

It doesn’t seem right – that lump of rock gets every ray of light it likes, while we, the hard working people are left to rot! In the darkness! There it is showing off its wares,

like the car headlights from next door waking us up again. And again.

Never able to get back to sleep, not Like before anyway.

Not much to do so we take off our shirts again, our scars are darker this time. Yet we don’t know why.

We were wrong about flesh, it never really heals does it.

I’m so lonely it hurts, people say that don’t they.

I can’t see past my birth, before then I was lonely I’m sure. I’m sure of it.

We’re supposed to be sad when we’re lonely, isn’t that the case

A sad little fetus, crying and the like.

Don’t cry no name, it’s not that bad out here.

Lonely little fetus. Isn’t it sad we’re born crying, as if we know what’s coming.

That’s how I got these scars, you know, the ones all over my chest.

Just like yours I know, but mine are older.

Pulled through the world, machines ripping at me.

New – ‘No More Scars!’

It never used to be like this, they say that as well.

Everything you need in the palm of your hand, ripping us to pieces slowly but surely.

It’s like music. I remember music.

Losing yourself in the rhythm until there’s nothing left to give, except it’s not like music at all.

Music made you feel alive, this just makes you sleep.

One long sleep until the inevitable.

That reminds me, it’s time to sleep again.

Until next time.








Supermarkets Suck

Sometimes you take a minute to think about how absurd the things we do really are and I’ve been thinking about this with Supermarkets.

The damage they’ve done to our communities is so devastating it’s hard to believe it’s happened over such a short space of time. Take a minute to think about how weird it is, as you walk into a supermarket you’re forced to walk past a man standing staring at a screen, it’s a screen that shows him live video footage of everywhere in the store – or at least that’s what I assume it shows, I’d like to think he’d just binge watching 24 but I doubt this is the case. So as you’re reminded that they’re watching you and you take those steps into the store, that’s it, you’re trapped. If you want to get out without looking like a thief then you’d better get buying something! Who wouldn’t want to buy something from them, they have everything right?

Think about how little connection we have with the companies we give our hard earned money to, that they have to watch our every move as we walk around their sterile demon hell womb! Our communities have been killed by their giant stores and they have upped their security to prevent us from ever taking some of the power back into our hands. Surely if we really loved our shopping experience and appreciated the great savings we’ve been blessed with then there would be no need to steal from them?

As you walk past the food bank donation box they present at the front of the store it’s like they’re laughing in our faces, don’t they realise it’s partly their fault no one can afford to buy food for their families any more? Why communities don’t exist to help people that need it. Just drop some food off in a box at the front and everything will be ok! “Yeah sure, thanks giant corporation man, we’ll do that, make sure you search my gran next time she leaves the shop, she’s been moaning she can’t afford to heat her house recently, she’ll probably be knicking soon!”

I know it’s not easy to stop using supermarkets but we can start challenging the way they treat us and questioning their actions. Don’t let them treat you like the thief when what they’ve stolen from us is a lot more valuable than a couple of razors!

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