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February 2015

Should you become a Vegetarian?

“So what made you turn vegetarian then?”

If you do decide to stop eating meat be prepared to hear this a lot, it’s often asked by people who are actually curious but occasionally someone can’t wait to spew some nonsense about their views on vegetarianism.

To answer the question and if you are considering eating less meat or cutting it out of your diet completely, I stopped because of this documentary – Earthlings.


It’s an hour and a half long and it’s definitely worth a watch. You can draw your own conclusions from the documentary but what I took from it was that if you take part in any kind of degradation of animals on any level then you also support the really horrible stuff we do as well. You can’t say it’s ok to eat a beef burger because it asserts that you are better than a cow, which you aren’t and if you’re better than a cow and can own it why can’t you do what you want with it and why just stop with cows? Surely all animals are fair game for us to use for our own personal gain.

I’d never been asked why I ate meat, but why not? Start to ask yourself why you think it’s ok to eat another animal, would it be ok to eat a human? Were animals too don’t forget! I recently heard a fact that got me thinking. Our genetic make up is 96% similar to great Apes, look at how much more complex we are than them but our DNA is almost identical. Imagine if there were a species in space that had another 4% difference, how undeveloped would we seem? Would it be ok for that species to test on us, to breed us in cages and use us for their scientific study, do our emotions not mean anything just because they deem them to be primitive? It could easily be us bread for our milk and flesh in a different world, it’s not that difficult to consider.


If you want some other good documentaries, I’d recommend ‘Forks over Knives’, take a look at the trailer and get hold of the film, it’s a really interesting watch.


So you’re doing a Season

It’s that time again, summer’s winding down and winter is well on it’s way, it can mean only one thing, the ski season is around the corner!

If you’ve decided you’re going to do a season it can be quite daunting but here are a few tips to prepare you for what’s ahead.

Highs & Lows

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of an amazing day shredding with your best friends in the most beautiful environment on earth. It’s your day off, your hangover magically disappears as soon as get on the mountain, the sun’s shining and the snow is unreal. These are the moments that make everything worthwhile, really savour these moments because you’ll need them when it gets grim.

And it gets grim… picture the scene: It’s a white out, you haven’t skied in what feels like 3 weeks (in reality it’s been 3 days), you were up half of last night listening to your roommate getting laid, you’re broke and to top it all, you’re starting work in a couple of hours. Believe me, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies during a season!

It’s important to remember the good times and more importantly, just imagine what you’d be doing at home, it usually helps to realise it’s not snowing at home, it’s raining and you’d be stuck working all day instead of skiing (once the clouds go away).


It’s too easy to get stuck in a bubble with your mates, get to know the ski shop techies and the bar staff early on and you’ll find your season ends up not only being cheaper, as you’re not paying so much to get your skis serviced but you’re also getting to know so many more interesting people in the resort.


Bring loads of socks, I can’t stress it enough, no matter how many you think you’ll need, bring more, then bring a few more on top of that. There must be some pervert sock thief who has a whale of a time in ski resorts because I still don’t know where all my socks have gone. Before you know it, you’re wearing your 1 good pair of socks for 5 days straight and that smell is not something anyone wants to deal with. Just bring loads of socks okay!


If you’re lucky enough to not have to work during a season, I’m very jealous but why are you even reading this? Seriously though, just go do something else, surely you’ve got something better to be doing!

If, like the rest of us you have to work to get through the season, be prepared for long hours for very little money. There’s only 1 way that work becomes tolerable and you need to embrace mediocracy with every fibre of your body! No one wants you to be great at your job, you just have to do enough to get out skiing every day and not get sacked. Once you master this ability, you’re all set! It’s not easy at first, and be prepared to not ski as much as you’d like in the first few weeks but after new year, you’re going to have the best months of your life with beautiful people, enjoy it!

Some previous musings

I found an old notebook of mine from when I was working an office job a couple of years ago. Here are a couple of the poems I wrote.

Waking up into this nightmare, hell is the world we accept as it is. Our minds wander and cannot be controlled, corporate punishment tames our dreams. Waking up into this nightmare, begging our owners to take us back to our endless sleep.


“Two time lost the second time it was harder to find two times lost my heart is in constant struggle with my mind. I wake up and feel myself fall behind me, to capture my being is harder the more I move on when will I collect these pieces and make myself whole?”


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