I have some bad news for travellers on a budget, cheap vegetarian options in Bangkok are pretty limited. The upside is that the phrase for vegetarian is pretty easily understood but it usually led to a sympathetic ‘No’ from street vendors.

You’ll find a lot more choices in restaurants with vegetarian options even clearly listed in some places.

I found it pretty easy to let people know you don’t eat animals, the main phrase you need is ‘Jay’, said like ‘yeah’.

If you’re feeling confident then the full phrase that worked best was –

Gin Jay My

Gin isn’t pronounced like the drink, you have to stress the G, not like Jin and extend the my to sound like myyy which basically means i eat vegetarian.

If you’re on a budget, it’s worth noting there’s plenty of delicious fresh fruit available on stalls all around Bangkok, so you shouldn’t ever be left too hungry.