Myanmar is a beautiful country, I spent my time there in awe of the scenery and touched by the kindness of the people I encountered. Before I arrived, I knew the country had relatively recently opened up to tourism, I was worried that western diets might not be fully understood, luckily I was proven very wrong.

Eating vegetarian in Myanmar is easy!

The phrase for vegetarian is ‘thet thet luh’, it wasn’t very successful, most likely because of my pronunciation, saying vegetarian worked just fine. The english in Myanmar is very good so I didn’t have any problems. If you can’t find any options, shay restaurants offer great vegetarian food.

One of the perks of a lack of tourist infrastructure is that we were looked after pretty well in the guest houses. The breakfast was bountiful and it wasn’t unusual to find this much to eat in the morning and all meat free.



I’ve included a few pictures of the food I ate, on the whole it was cheap (less than $2 a meal), delicious and so varied. I can’t recommend tomato salads enough, they’re a vivid peanut covered fresh tomato masterpiece! I became a little obsessed with them.


I can’t recommend visiting Myanmar highly enough and it’s a paradise for vegetarians, so what are you waiting for? Get going!