I’m sat down and it hurts,
the noise goes right through me!
I can’t sit down any more, I’ll remember this later.
It’s later.
Tears everywhere but I don’t get them here.
Scrawling through I see what I need.
Loose fit and very accommodating,
accustomed to long lounging.
Perfect for me.
The collection is huge,
with so many different parts
it’s hard to remember why everything’s here.
keeping time at bay.
Hair makes me shudder but one day it’ll come in handy.
You can find every single shade but blonde is my favourite.
The dream is a full on one piece,
they’re pretty rare.
It also depends on the skin tone,
I’d be lucky to afford one this decade.
Scary to think that it might be necessary
one day,
rather than a hobby.
I’ll keep them ready for when that service bell rings
and there’s nothing left in me.
I can’t cry now
I can buy.
A new you every day!
what does that make me?
There it goes again, it hurts more this time.
right through me!
I’ll remember this later.
It’s later.