I’ve made a little list of 5 of the best tracks for word lovers.

This National Track is raw and insecure, it’s the type of sound that made me fall in love with their music in the first place. Baby, We’ll Be Fine is a ‘will anyone ever love me’ kind of sad Sunday afternoon song (if that’s even a thing) but it gets me every time!

Sufjan Stevens makes amazing music, with so many beautiful lyrical tracks alongside more experimental ventures makes him a really exciting artist to follow. His latest album was pretty much a lyrical feast and this track, that describes the day his estranged mother died, is so so good!

The Smiths.
That’s I should have to say but to be precise, Morrisey’s lyrics have it all, they can be gloomy & sad, funny, desperate, ridiculous or all those at the same time. It can be quite intense listening to too much of The Smiths but it’s always worth it. Good lyrics mean good music for years to come and this is the case with The Smiths.

I found out about tobias jess jr recently and this was the track that got me started, this song gives me the music shivers and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Enjoy!

Jean Grae is the shit. She’s done so much and is constantly developing her style. She’s an inspiration for anyone that thinks there shouldn’t be limits on what you can do with your life. I could really put any Jean Grae track up on this list. If there’s 1 artist I could recommend you listen to more, it’s Jean. Listen to this track and try and get a hold of the lyrics, then go to the Rap Genius page and prepare to have your mind blown.

You don’t like this list, so what, I don’t care!! MOTHERFUCKERRRRR!!!!!