“So what made you turn vegetarian then?”

If you do decide to stop eating meat be prepared to hear this a lot, it’s often asked by people who are actually curious but occasionally someone can’t wait to spew some nonsense about their views on vegetarianism.

To answer the question and if you are considering eating less meat or cutting it out of your diet completely, I stopped because of this documentary – Earthlings.


It’s an hour and a half long and it’s definitely worth a watch. You can draw your own conclusions from the documentary but what I took from it was that if you take part in any kind of degradation of animals on any level then you also support the really horrible stuff we do as well. You can’t say it’s ok to eat a beef burger because it asserts that you are better than a cow, which you aren’t and if you’re better than a cow and can own it why can’t you do what you want with it and why just stop with cows? Surely all animals are fair game for us to use for our own personal gain.

I’d never been asked why I ate meat, but why not? Start to ask yourself why you think it’s ok to eat another animal, would it be ok to eat a human? Were animals too don’t forget! I recently heard a fact that got me thinking. Our genetic make up is 96% similar to great Apes, look at how much more complex we are than them but our DNA is almost identical. Imagine if there were a species in space that had another 4% difference, how undeveloped would we seem? Would it be ok for that species to test on us, to breed us in cages and use us for their scientific study, do our emotions not mean anything just because they deem them to be primitive? It could easily be us bread for our milk and flesh in a different world, it’s not that difficult to consider.


If you want some other good documentaries, I’d recommend ‘Forks over Knives’, take a look at the trailer and get hold of the film, it’s a really interesting watch.